Pelts! You can be rest assured that you are getting only a top quality fur when ordering our Wild Fur Pelts!

WILD Furs only offers professionally tanned, high-grade Pelts that make for great home decor or as an accent piece for your lodge, cabin or camp.

All of the WILD Furs tanned pelts are done with professional garment tanning principles by an industry leader that produces a soft leather and a quality finished fur product. 

The tanned WILD Furs will work great as wall hangings or as a staple for your couch or favorite chair.  You can rest assured that you are getting a Top-Grade XL sized fur item when you purchase your tanned pelts
 from us here are WILD Furs. 

We are dedicated to producing our luxe WILD Furs items in promotion of the viability of the renewable resource that is Wild Fur! (*All Pelts come with an Authentic WILD Furs tag packaged professionally in a Kraft gift box)