TRAPPER J "Signature" Series

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Trapper J Outdoors designs are being offered here in our Dakota Series.  Justin Baucom uses the Dakota Series products on his trapline and we offer his "Signature" cable products here for you to use the same systems that have allowed him to catch thousands of animals on his traplines.

Justin Baucom's "Signature" Predator Restraint comes with all of the following parts and design. This is specifically designed for his coyote trapline.

Trapper J "Signature" Restraint (*Coyote, Fox & Bobcat)

  • 60” of 3/32” & 1x19 Cable 
  • Dakota Series ADC Washer Lock
  • Poly Support Collar for #9 & #11 Wire
  • 285# J Break Away 
  • Deer Stop Fixed at 2.5”
  • 12” Loop Stop
  • Inline Swivel 
  • Loaded for Speed
  • Heavy 9 Gauge Swivel

You can see Justin on his YouTube channel Trapper J and also on our North American Trapper YouTube channel as well.