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The North American Trapper ™ DAKOTA SERIES cable is some of the most reliable cable there is on the market today. This Korean cable is made with very strict guidelines, tolerances and various processes that are adhered to completely which in turn makes it some of the straightest cable available to the marketplace.

Whether you use the 7x7 or 1x19, the DAKOTA SERIES provides fray free cable that stands up to the most all elements. Our cable is certified straight with no twisting/bending which provides a smooth, quick deployment every time while in the field.......guaranteed. 


  • 12 Raccoon Specific Snare
  • Dozen Pre-Cut Snare Support Wire
  • Redman Snare Tool
  • Roll of 9 Gauge Wire
  • Pair of Snaring Pliers
  • Pack of 25 Write-On Trap Tag
  • Instructional DVD (38 min)

Order with confidence as all of our North American Trapper DAKOTA SERIES snares are some of the best animal control field devices whether needed for small varmints all the way to the larger predators. Proven products equals proven conservation. 

Raccoon Specific Snares:
48” of 7x7 w/ 3/32" Cable
Dakota Series Slim Lock
Poly Support Collar
Heavy 9 Gauge Swivel
Floating Deer Stop
Loaded For Speed