NAT Night Raiders ~ Raccoon Trapping DVD

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Alan Probst of North American Trapper shows the methods and techniques that will help you with your raccoon problems by showing mostly all night footage taken in 4K Video on StealthCam Game Cameras placed in various set locations.  This DVD covers the usual techniques and methods for trapping raccoons with the Dog-Proof trap but we took it a step further with the added bonus of the night footage.

This DVD is designed to show you how these raccoons and skunks are working the Dog-Proof traps when they approach your sets.  You will learn a lot from this video as you will see the triumphs and also the mistakes that can be curbed to increase your overall catch percentages which will lead to bigger catch numbers

If you chase these predators on your Farm, Ranch and/or Lease ~ this DVD and our North American Trapper DP Package will show you how to achieve this in short order with a DVD that shows you exactly how these nest raiders are working your sets when approaching.