NAT Nest Raider™ 'MINI' Raccoon Trapping Package

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The Nest Raider™  'MINI' is the basic tools that you need to get out in the field successfully trapping the nest raiding raccoons, opossums and skunks.  You are getting all the basic equipment necessary to get quality results in the field.  You will also receive an Instructional DVD that will show you how to start handling these marauders on your land with proven predation trapping methods.  The Nest Raider™  'MINI' carries a retail value of $183 but we offer all that you need in this package for just $149. 
Email one of our predation specialists at with any questions and we will get you started in the right direction.  Start your own outdoors adventure and become the steward of your own land today with our NAT Nest Raider Predation Package.

'MINI' Nest Raider Package Includes:

4 of the Duke Dog Proof Trap
4 of the TALON Standard Stakes
4 of the S-Hooks
NAT Stake Driver
NAT DP Raccoon Trapping DVD
Pint of Coonbuster DP Bait

Pint of Magnet Trailing Scent

2oz. of Hunter Water Lure

NAT Sticker