'MUSKCALL' Johnny Thorpe Lure Collection

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Johnny Thorpe's 'MUSKCALL' Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Fisher Call Lure ~ 1oz.

This lure got its start in the BADLANDS of the Mojave Desert while Johnny was putting up hundreds of Bobcats and Grey Fox. This lure also left its mark in the Canadian WIlderness taking many Otter, Fisher and Marten.  This is a one of a kind lure made primarily from Uncut Mink and Weasel glands with hints of Fisher and Otter glands as well creating a rich, musky odor that is one of the very best Bobcat, Fisher, Marten, Otter lures on the market today....Bar None!  A heavy smear will last for weeks at a set under all conditions and perform better than most all other lures you have ever used. Johnny said many times that this is one of the best lures he ever created.

North American Trapper only uses the very best of top-shelf ingredients in their lure / bait making processes.  Each bait / lure has been time tested to insure that it will perform for all of your needs while out in the field.  We offer a full 100% Money Back guarantee on all of our baits and lures if dissatisfied for any reason,  You can buy with confidence when purchasing a North American Trapper lure / bait.