Dakota Series Versatile

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**The TERRITORY Versatile Restraint is legal in most all areas that snaring/cable restraints are allowed by law.  Please do check your Local/State regulations to make sure that you are following all game laws and needs for all devices in your area.

The North American Trapper 'Dakota Series' is one of the highest quality snaring cable products offered in the World. Each 'Dakota Series' snare is test fired to insure quality. All 'Dakota Series' snares are loaded for speed to insure against any backouts while using in the field. You can rest assured that the North American Trapper 'Dakota Series' products will handle most of your animal control needs.

The North American Trapper™ 'Dakota Series' snares have been time tested thousands of times for over two decades in many different trapping situations. Most all come with a floating deer stop which will insure against any non-target big game catches and this small nut can be crimped at your needs or you can just let it float if desired.

Order with confidence that you are getting a top quality animal control device with the 'Dakota Series' snaring products listed here and as always, we appreciate your business.


  • 60” of 7x7, 3/32” Cable
  • Dakota Series LoPro Lock
  • 285# Break Away 
  • Floating Deer Stop
  • Poly Support Collar 
  • Loaded for Speed
  • Heavy 9 Gauge End Swivel
  • Good for Raccoon to Coyote

*Please check all of your Local / State Game Laws and Regulations before using any of our animal control products to insure that you are following all legal requirements.