COON CREEK "Signature" Series

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Coon Creek Outdoors designs are being offered here in our Dakota Series.  Stu uses the Dakota Series products on his trapline and we offer his "Signature" products here for you to use the same systems that have allowed him to catch thousands of animals on his traplines.

Stu Miller's Coon Creek Outdoors "Signature" Beaver Drowner comes with 10 feet of cable, adjustable loop ends, an aggressive toothed locking device and a 3" cable loop attached to the lock which allows for easy attachment/detachment of your trap from the cable. The aggressive toothed lock will also keep the cable from fraying which will allow the cables to be reused many time over.  

The Coon Creek Outdoors "Signature" Cable Extensions are also offered which are 5 feet long with one adjustable loop end and and one fixed loop stop. 

You can see Stu on his YouTube channel Coon Creek Outdoors and also on our YouTube channel at North American Trapper TV.