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The North American Trapper concept has been decades in the making. The brand started in 2003 but the seeds were planted in founder Alan Probst’s spirit in the late 1970’s when he caught his first muskrat at the age of 7. With growing up in a family of hunters, trappers and outdoorsmen, the zest for the outdoors and nature was instilled at a very young age and still burns strong today.

After a 10 year professional baseball career, Alan moved back to Pennsylvania to start the brand with a concept that more teaching and instruction as to the ‘Art of Trapping’ was needed in regards to the people in general. The goal of North American Trapper has always been to show the very best environmental and ecological trapping methods. That is still the mission of this brand today.

Over the years, the North American Trapper brand has produced over 40 different Instructional DVD’s on trapping and outdoors related topics. Alan has been a personal speaker, a mentor and he has also done extensive work at the local, regional and national television broadcast level. He and his company have produced over 500 aired television episodes that include Walker’s Game Ear SOS, Wild Pennsylvania, WILD Sportsman and F&T’s Freedom Outdoors that have been avaiable in over 130 million households on FOX Sports, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, AT&T SportNet as well as many other Regional networks.

North American Trapper has become the recognized leader in the industry for quality trapping content and we look to take that to the next level with our North American Trapper television show. The episodes will be broadcast Thursday evenings on Sportsman Channel @ 9:30pm starting in October 2020. Each episode will showcase a Predation Control method that can be used by the viewer to control predators as well as many other money saving methods and tips. The television show will also showcase the North American Trapper branded line of products that include trapping scents, baits, lures, staking systems and instructional DVD’s.

Our goal at North American Trapper has always been to educate through all of our processes. We feel that our ever evolving Predation strategy allows us to showcase that and it will help many outdoorsmen and women in that process. We look to educate all Landowners, Farmers, Ranchers and Hunter’s alike to the viability of trapping and predation control to their own specific needs. Our goal is to show the effects of responsible trapping methods and to teach all viewers the ability to manage your own land and/or lease which in turn will help your overall prey species numbers and help to save you money on various hunting related activities.

We at North American Trapper are always available to help you in any way that we can with your own trapping and Predation Control experiences. We will do our best to lead you in a direction that will give you the best chance for success while out in the field. As always, we appreciate the support that you have given us over the years and we will continue to work hard for the animal, the trapper and the overall history of trapping.

Alan Probst