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The 'GROUND TALON' is the North American Trapper Staking System. It has a sleek black design for the head of the stake that is connected to 15" of 3/32 snare cable. It comes in STANDARD and HEAVY DUTY options. These stakes are very easy to use as it's light, durable construction will drive in most all terrain.  

The 'GROUND TALON' is an economical solution to all of your trap stake needs.  The stakes can be driven in with our NAT Stake Driver and although they are designed to be disposable ~ they can be reused by pulling them out when leaving a trapping area. 
  • Light and easy trap staking system
  • Works on all types of traps
  • These stakes are perfect for cables and snare use 
  • Will not get stuck on the driver due to it's unique design
  • With the flat design ~ they will hold well in all terrain
  • Can be attached to traps, trap wire and/or cable
  • Will work for most all sets on land and in the water 
  • Has no weld points to break when in use
  • Can be re-used for saving money