Make Your Own Trailing Scent ~ 32oz.

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You become your own Lure Maker here with our make your own Trailing Scent options.  Choose from our various Scents and Oils to create what you desire for use on your own trapline.  

You will get THREE different 1oz. bottles of your choice of scents and you will also receive a bottle with 29 ounces of Glycerine to mix with your chosen scents.  You become your own scent creator with this purchase.

Choose from all of the following and make your purchase today.  Good luck on your trapline and have fun with making your own Trailing Scent.

Asafoetida ~ Anise ~  Civet ~ Tonquin ~ Loganberry ~ Peppermint Corn ~ Blueberry ~ Grape ~ Licorice  ~ Raspberry Shrimp & more.